Shiva beckons at night


We all aspire to attain happiness, peace, wealth and fame on this mundane pulpit. This is incomprehensible and is hidden to a consciousness that is in sheer darkness.


What a dark phase of time we are passing through! Is peace running away from our lives or we are running short of time?                                                                                  Our very survival as human beings fundamentally depends on food, air and water. Ironically, the air we inhale is polluted and other destructive forces of nature such as virus or organisms have threatened to harm humanity. Our water bodies have become soporific or poisonous thanks to mind-boggling effluents we flush into them. The food grains we consume are bereft of vitality. Pesticides we spray into granaries and chemicals we dump to enhance productivity to the detriment of our general health go to ridicule our existence.         The telltale factors of our development threaten to extinct nature, ecology and wildlife. Are we endangering human existence on this planet with our most modern scientific innovations while crucifying the spirit within?                                                                  If what is visible is vulnerable to destruction, then will the incognito spirit be ready to awaken us to consciousness? Are we ever prepared to anticipate the worst? Covid-19, for example, has ambushed on unsuspecting humanity by surprise notwithstanding the boastfulness of modern day science!                                                                            We know, the “immortality of spirit or soul as a concept is too good to be believed” as dramatist George Bernard Shaw would have us believe it. Indian Vedanta and Upanishads had asserted that soul is indestructible. It is immortal and the body perishable. Where does the spirit go after we cremate or bury the dead? Does it move upwards? Is there a radiant heaven ready to greet the enlightened soul? If there is heaven upward, we should probably be residing in a veritable hell? If the spirit is not destined to dwell upward will it bounce back to the same old sick world? When such material questions remain unanswered, we look forward to the abstract perplexed!                                                                         We all aspire to attain happiness, peace, wealth and fame on this mundane pulpit. Sages of ancient India adopted a form of yoga called Rajayoga featured in Chapter IX of Song Divine Bhagvadgeeta for attainment of such objectives. This knowledge is incomprehensible and is hidden to a consciousness that is in sheer darkness.                                            This yoga is both intellectual (jnana) and spiritual (vijnana) that originates from true experience. We doubt people’s ability to comprehend this wisdom imparted by Supreme Soul Siva. The Lord prescribes meditation for peace, mental equilibrium and transparency when the world is drowned in darkness.                                                                           Evolved by yogi Patanjali, Swami Vivekananda had popularised the yoga internationally in the nineteenth century. As many as nine lakh yogic practioners from 140 countries across the world have affiliated themselves to the programme patronised by Bramhakumaris Godly University headquartered at Mount Abu (Rajasthan). Inmates believe Pateet Pawan or Lord Shiva is the pioneer and protagonist of Rajayoga. And this week is the propitious time to commence practice of Rajayoga coinciding with Shivarathri!

Yes, it costs nothing when the time is rife to learn an ancient yogic practice to attain peace at home and abroad! Stay blessed.