MSME Department Odisha recommends 07 Clusters for MSMEs


The State Level Project Steering Committee (SLPSC) meeting held under the chairmanship of Shri L.N. Gupta, ACS, MSME approved Dry Fish Cluster at Paradeep, RiceMill Cluster at Balasore and Coir Cluster at Teispur, Puri for recommendation to DC, MSME,Govt. of India. The Dry Fish Cluster at Paradeep comprises of 424 micro enterprises withSPV having 24 members. The cluster is aimed at using GMP, by products and waste forfurther value addition. The total project cost of the Dry Fish cluster project is Rs.9.55 crore,of which Govt. of India contribution is Rs.6.5 crore. Similarly, the Coir Cluster proposed atTeispur, Puri comprises of 49 micro and 6 small enterprises. The cluster once completed,will have raw material & product processing centre, coir pith value addition centre andquality testing lab, which will boost the coir based industry. The total project cost of thecluster is Rs.12.25 crore, of which Rs.9.31 crore is proposed to be met by Govt. of Indiacontribution. The Rice Mill Cluster at Balasore has 21 micro/small enterprises as membersand is being set up with a view to produce rice bran oil. The total project cost of the clusteris Rs.14.98 crore, of which Rs.10.49 crore is proposed to be met by Govt. of Indiacontribution.The Committee also advised the Director, Industries, Odisha to complete DPRs and IDCO to expedite allotment of suitable land to Engineering Cluster at Angul, Fly Ash Clusterat Angul and Automobile Cluster at Bhubaneswar and Rasagola Cluster at Pahal.Besides, the SLPSC approved the proposals of IDCO for upgradation of the existingindustrial estates at Anargadia in Balasore district at a project cost of Rs.8.50 crore,Paradeep at a project cost of Rs.10 crore, Jagatpur Industrial Estate at a cost of Rs.10crore and Chandaka Industrial Estate at a cost of Rs.10 crore for recommendation to theDC, MSME, Govt. of India.