Modi’s Popularity Graph Rises


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is easily one of the most followed world leaders on the social media. Within India he has proved his popularity by winning election after election, the most recent instances being victories in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. But he is also leaving an impression in countries that he is visiting.

Even his rivals concede that he is a popular leader who can hold the attention of an audience with his oratory. The popularity graph of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has risen since BJP’s spectacular victories in UP and Uttarakhand. Now he is being described as the country’s most popular leader after independence.

The BJP notched up great victories in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest and politically most important state. It also managed to cobble together majority in smaller states such as Goa with Congress crying foul. BJP president, Amit Shah was one of the first leaders to hail Modi as India’s most popular leader. His views were quickly endorsed by NDA’s allies.

The endorsement of Modi’s leadership comes at a significant time with India emerging as a major economy helped, no doubt, by the vision of the Prime Minister who has taken some bold decisions. Notebandi or currency ban was one of these decisions and was hailed as a surgican strike against black money and terror.

The BJP claims that the Congress-led UPA government had left behind a “corrupt” structure which had to be purged in the larger interest of the country. Hence Modi launched a determined drive against corruption and the strike against black money was also aimed at countering terror which was being funded by fake currency.

Even Modi’s foreign policy is being hailed as mature and sagacious despite some setbacks in Jammu and Kashmir where the local populace appears to be backing alleged terrorists. “ But the government has not given up. Modi is determined to ensure that Kashmir remains an inalienable part of India despite tension,” said a leader.

After Jawaharlal Nehru, Modi is perhaps widest traveled Prime Minister of India and has visited most of the important countries of the world extending the hand of friendship towards world leader. No wonder his foreign policy is being appreciated.

Besides Modi is perhaps India’s most tech savvy Prime Minister making the optimum use of social media. His popularity on social media platforms keeps growing. According to reports Modi is the second most followed world leader on Twitter after US President Donald Trump. He has nearly 30 million followers on his personal account and at least 18 million followers on his institutional account.

Former US President Barack Obama, with whom Modi enjoyed a good rapport, was the uncontested political leader in this space until his departure. Eversice his successor, Donald Trump has taken over with 31 million followers on his personal Twitter handle.

This is no mean achievement considering there are many world leaders who are trying to make best possible use of social media platforms. Many wonder how the Prime Minister manages to keep updating posts despite his busy schedule.

“His energy levels are amazing and that is his Plus point. He had great reserves of stamina which he puts to good use,” said a BJP leader trying to explain the phenomenon.

Party leaders also agree that Modi’s popularity graph will continue to rise and most of policies and programmes have received people’s support. More important so far no major scandal has broken out during his rule which means he keeps a hawk like watch on his colleagues and his grip on the administration is complete.

“He is a control freak and wants to know everything. But this should not be seen as a dictatorial tendency as some people have sought to project this. Instead it is a positive development which will stand him in good stead. His attitude ought to be praised,” said another leader.