137 Mountain Peaks in four States opened to foreigners for mountaineering and trekking 


The Government has opened 137 mountain peaks for foreigners desirous of obtaining Mountaineering Visa (‘MX’) for mountaineering and trekking. These peaks are located in the States of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Sikkim. While the highest number of 51 peaks have been opened to foreigners in Uttarakhand, 15 peaks of Jammu and Kashmir have also been included in the list. The Minister of State for Culture and Tourism (IC), Shri Prahlad Singh Patelhas expressed his gratitude to the Home Minister, Shri Amit Shah for acceding to the request of Tourism Ministry to open up more peaks to foreigners. It is an historic step towards promoting adventure tourism in the country, Shri Prahlad Singh Patel said.

Earlier, while addressing the Tourism Ministers from States/UTs at the National Tourism Conference in New Delhi yesterday, the Tourism Minister emphasized on the need for ensuring safety of those travellers going for adventure tourism. He urged the States to exercise utmost caution while registering adventure tourism operators and also to ensure that the adventure tourism guidelines are followed by the States. The Indian Adventure Tourism Guidelines 2018 cover land, air and water-based activities which includes mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, paragliding, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, river rafting and many other sports.

The List of 137 Mountain Peaks which have been opened for Mountaineering/Trekking are as below:


S.No. Name Purpose
1 Avalanche Mountaineering
2 Bhrigupanth Mountaineering
3 Bharigu Parbat Mountaineering
4 Kalidhang Mountaineering
5 Yanbuk Trekking
6 Ratangarian Trekking
7 Chirbas Parbat Mountaineering
8 Mahalaya Parbat Trekking
9 Rudugaira Trekking
10 Balakun Mountaineering
11 Banderpunch West Mountaineering
12 Bewtarholi Mountaineering
13 BetartholiSouth Mountaineering
14 Bhagnyu Trekking
15 Garur Parbat Mountaineering
16 Garur Forked Mountaineering
17 Kalanka Mountaineering
18 Parbati Parbat Mountaineering
19 Pawagarh Trekking
20 PurbiDunagiri Mountaineering
21 Rishi Pahar Mountaineering
22 Narayan Parbat Trekking
23 Nar Parbat Trekking
24 Black Peak Mountaineering
25 Dangthal Mountaineering
26 Devisthan-I Mountaineering
27 Devisthan-II Mountaineering
28 Devtoli Mountaineering
29 Dunagiri Mountaineering
30 Hardeol Mountaineering
31 Janhukot Mountaineering
32 Kirti Stambha Mountaineering
33 Lamchir Trekking
34 Lamchir South Trekking
35 Lampak South Mountaineering
36 Mahalaya Parbat Trekking
37 Manda-I Mountaineering
38 Manda-II Mountaineering
39 Manda-III Mountaineering
40 Nanda Bhanar Mountaineering
41 Nanda Khani Mountaineering
42 Nanda Lapak Trekking
43 Panchachuli-I Mountaineering
44 Panchachuli-II Mountaineering
45 Panchachuli-III Mountaineering
46 Panchachuli-IV Mountaineering
47 Panchachuli-V Mountaineering
48 Rishi Kot Mountaineering
49 SAF Minal Mountaineering
50 Srikantha Mountaineering
51 Sumeru Parbat Mountaineering


S.No. Name Purpose
52 Forked Peak Mountaineering
53 Gocha peak Mountaineering
54 Jopono Trekking
55 Kabru North Mountaineering
56 Kabru South Mountaineering
57 Kabru Dome Mountaineering
58 Kangchenzunga Mountaineering
59 Kangchenzunga South Mountaineering
60 Koktang Mountaineering
61 Narsing Trekking
62 Nepal Peak Mountaineering
63 Pandim Mountaineering
64 Pyramid Peak Mountaineering
65 Simvo Mountaineering
66 Simvo-II Mountaineering
67 Simvo North Mountaineering
68 Simvo North East Mountaineering
69 Siniolchu Mountaineering
70 Talung Mountaineering
71 Talung South-I Mountaineering
72 Talung South-II Mountaineering
73 Tent Peak Mountaineering
74 Tingchenkhang Mountaineering
75 Zemu Peak Mountaineering


S.No. Name Purpose
76 Golapkangri Trekking
77 Eiger Mountaineering
78 Cerro Kisthwar Mountaineering
79 Chomochior Mountaineering
80 Kailash Mountaineering
81 Agyasol Mountaineering
82 Umasi Mountaineering
83 Kalidahar, Kishtwar (Spires) Trekking
84 Dandagoporum Mountaineering
85 Mardi Phabrang Mountaineering
86 Tupendu-I Trekking
87 Tupendu-II Trekking
88 KishtwarShivling Mountaineering
89 Tanak Peak Trekking
90 Barmal Peak Trekking


S.No. Name Purpose
91 Kullu Makalu Mountaineering
92 KulluPumori Mountaineering
93 KulluEiger Trekking
94 Dibibokri Pyramid Mountaineering
95 Fluted Peak Mountaineering
96 Hunnungma Trekking
97 Pyramid Mountaineering
98 Parbati South Trekking
99 Rubal Kang Mountaineering
100 Shigri Parbat Mountaineering
101 Snow Cone Mountaineering
102 Snow Dome Trekking
103 Shitidhar Trekking
104 Ashagiri Mountaineering
105 CB-17 Trekking
106 CB-18 Trekking
107 CB-19 Trekking
108 CB-48 (Tamoo) Trekking
109 CB-49 (Tilakalhar) Trekking
110 CB-50 Mountaineering
111 CB-52 Trekking
112 CB-53 (Sharmili) Mountaineering
113 CB-54 Mountaineering
114 CB-55 (Sharmili) Trekking
115 CB-57 (Tapugiri) Trekking
116 KR-1 Mountaineering
117 KR-2 Mountaineering
118 KR-3 Trekking
119 KR-4 Mountaineering
120 KR-5 (CB-7) Mountaineering
121 KR-6 Trekking
122 KR-7 Mountaineering
123 KR-8 Mountaineering
124 Lalana Mountaineering
125 M-1 Trekking
126 M-2 Trekking
127 M-3 Trekking
128 M-4 (Mulkila) Mountaineering
129 M-5 Mountaineering
130 M-6 Mountaineering
131 M-7 (Taragiri) Mountaineering
132 M-8 Mountaineering
133 M-9 Trekking
134 M-10 Trekking
135 Mulkila (M04) Mountaineering
136 T-1 Trekking
137 T-2 Mountaineering

Click here for the Indian Adventure Tourism Guidelines 2018.