JSPL Foundation has felicitated 155 grass root level functionaries dedicated in the services of Shree Jagannath Temple at the pilgrim town of Puri.The functionaries were given a cash award of Rs 10,000 for their dedicated service in supporting temple management and ensuring cleanliness of the shrine and safety of devotees. The awards were was presented in the presence of Guruji Srimad Budha Bapa, President of Lalit Kala Akademi, noted sculptor Raghunath Mohapatra and President of JSPL Foundation Shallu Jindal.Out of 155 functionaries, 91 are from Jagannath Temple police, 31 persons are sanitation workers or swachh karmis and the remaining 33 persons are sevayats of the temple.Introducing this noble initiative, Shallu Jindal said, “Odisha is fortunate to house the divine abode of Lord Jagannath, the Lord of the universe. These individuals have dedicated their lives in the services of Lord Jagannath and his devotees by supporting the temple administration in maintaining cleanliness or discipline inside and outside of the temple and facilitating millions of devotees for a darshan of the Lord”. Raghunath Mohapatra appreciated Jindal for her concern to serve the grass root level functionaries. “I am happy that JSPL Foundation and its president Smt Jindal is always forthcoming to connect with the devotees and grassroot functionaries associated with Lord Jagannath. Her initiative in Odisha are unique and appreciated”, he said. All the awardees are engaged in different services in Shree Jagannath Temple. While sevayats provide hand holding services to devotees for a glimpse of the Lord, Jagannatha Temple Police (JTP) maintains discipline inside.

Temple Swachh Karmis / Sanitation Karmis are engaged in one of the holiest services and they present a clean and tidy temple premises. Guruji Srimad Budha Bapa said Lord Jagannath is the heart and soul of millions of people. Any service to service providers of Jagannath Temple is service to the mankind. Secretary of JSPL Foundation Prashant Kumar Hota, in his vote of thanks, expressed his gratitude to the awardees, who had come all the way from Puri to make this initiative fruitful. March 1-15, 2017