God Realisation


All spiritual  seekers try their best to  find out the Real ‘I’ in
them as well as in all beings of the World with the benign
guidance of the spiritual experts called Masters or Gurus. The ardent and faithful disciples succeed in their attempts through the grace of the lord to discover their real self, the Supreme spirit of the universe. This reality is  called Brahman, the  Vedas and Vedanta and spirit in the  different metaphysics and philosophical  tenets. This spirit appears to our finite mind as Jiva and the World. Due to a mysterious power of God, the Spirit or self is veiled by ignorance. This  veil is the  clothing or upadhis, covering the real spirit by the  illusory force ‘maya’; the spirit becomes relative World of appearance while the Real-Spirit the Absolute self remains the same, as existence, consciousness  & bliss, called Satchidanalnda . Yoga is the technique which removes this ignorance or maya of the Self so that the Jiva regains its identity becomes one with the absolute spirit. Thus yoga  is a science that removes this  ‘phantom or illusion of the mind so that the World of ignorance disappears like darkness in the light of the Sun. When one realizes this technique, infinite real spirit as one’s own self, the appearance of any separate or independent being as Jiva, disappears as unreal  & shadow of the real being. This is the whole truth of the philosophy of Yoga & Vedanta, which enables one to find out one’s real spirit, which is eternally full of blissful delight with the light of immortality.

The absolute Self is immortal ‘it is  untouched by any sin or sufferance caused by illusory forces of the universe. The entire mankind is saved by this knowledge of the spirit, it is freed from all the miseries  of body and mind, when the real self is realised and one is established in that absolute consciousness.

This supreme knowledge of the spirit was discovered in India thousands of years ago and was handed down to the entire mankind, through the teachings of various  Upanishads. The Gurus, saints & Yogis have propagated the above teachings time  & again for this welfare of the entire mankind. This powerful spiritual knowledge has been widely spread all over the world by the Yogada-Satsang-Society, headed by Param Hansa Yogananda  of Swami. Hariharananda Giri Moharaj in recent times. Essentially, this Yoga teaches the most practical means of control of the mind of the Joining with the Real-spirit through services of lessons taught to the disciples. Generally, the self is freed from the clutches of the illusory force which is identified with the Real self. Thus the enlightened self is established in the place of bliss, unmoved by the sense-perceptions of the triple nature of maya, called Tamas, Rajas & Satwa. A Gunatraya, remains in the World but is unaffected by the force of ignorance called maya which is the domain of the  unreal-Phantom like the shadow of the being. The authoritative  texts or Maha-Vakyas of the upanishods like Tatwamasi, Ayam-Atma-Brahma, Aham Brahmosmi. This knowledge of truth of the real self emphatically states that, when this consciousness is realized, the self declares him to be ‘so-aham’ i.e. I am Brahma.

A realized soul becomes a powerful channel  of self realization through out this glove and he sprads this message of self realization fearlessly so boldly from pole to pole.

This highest blessedness is easily attained by humanity through association of contact with such realized souls and the mission of Param Hansa Yogananda is fulfilled undoubtedly in the world. When one becomes fully conscious that he is one with the supreme spirit as explaned previously, he discovers his eternal self in the Godhead, which is omni present. In this context, Swami Yogananda has declared” I came down from my omni potent throne of love in the bosom of space. I was every where then I open the gates of human limitations of family, caste, colours creed. I am remaining every where. He has also taught us how to regain the state of our real spirit, through the transparency of deep meditations. The infinite spirit is below, above, behind, before, to the right, to the left, every where. I am the infinite spirit, the Atman, inthis supreme & absolmite self-abode.