KIMS Successfully Conducts First-Ever Non-Surgical Advanced Treatment For Facial Pain in Odisha


The Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) has achieved a significant milestone by performing a minimally invasive procedure known as ‘balloon microcompression’ on a woman grappling with excruciating facial pain for the last seven years. This pioneering procedure marked the first of its kind in Odisha and aimed to alleviate the excruciating discomfort that had severely impacted her daily life. The patient, a woman suffered from trigeminal neuralgia, a debilitating condition triggered by sharp, stabbing, and electric shock-like pain. This condition is so distressing that it’s often referred to as the “suicidal disease,” considering the extreme anguish it inflicts.

 Dr. Rajendra Sahoo, Consultant in Pain and Palliative Medicine at KIMS and his team performed the advanced procedure on the women.

 The entire procedure was completed within 30 minutes, she was bringing immediate relief to the patient. Remarkably, the patient was seen smiling in the recovery ward, completely liberated from the persistent pain. Able to eat comfortably without experiencing any further agony, she was discharged the following day, marking a dramatic transformation in her quality of life.

 The severity of the pain among patients suffering from trigeminal neuralgia could last from a few seconds to minutes.  Daily routines like brushing, chewing and even speaking become unbearable. Exploring options like radiofrequency ablation and balloon microcompression, Dr Sahoo opted for the latter due to its lower risk of side effects, such as corneal ulcer or keratitis, compared to radiofrequency ablation.

 “The minimally invasive ‘balloon microcompression’ procedure involved utilizing a 14 G needle under general anaesthesia, avoiding any incisions or sutures. Guided by fluoroscopy, a specialized X-ray machine, we could access the base of the skull, targeting the “foramen ovale,” a small opening. The balloon was then carefully inflated for 90 seconds precisely at the “trigeminal ganglion,” the source of the agonizing pain”, Dr Sahoo said.

 The Founder of KIIT and KISS Dr Achyuta Samanta has congratulated the medical team for the success, emphasising KIMS commitment to offer advanced healthcare support with care and compassion.