Corruption is now a buzz word in our social and political circle not only in India but worldwide. Hardly any country or society is left where there is no stigma of corruption. It has now been accepted as the way of living and adjusting in the present day social frame work. The acceptance is not by choice but by compulsion. When an individual finds no other alternative to fight against the system to get his genuine work done, to overcome the hassles and harassment he prefers giving bribe . The bribe is also called as speed money.

Corruption in India has a religio-cultural view point. Indians don’t find them uncomfortable with bribe giving and taking. People who earns more by taking bribe has more importance than the honest person in the same cadre. Even while negotiating for marriage a candidate having the opportunity of speed money gets more importance than a candidate of higher grade. This shows people have no reservation towards corruption. To know the mind set of soft approach to corruption, we shall have to look into the tradition and life style of Indians.

People give offerings and donation to God for fulfilment of their wishes. Some also swear offerings like cash, gold, sacrifices for fulfilment of their prayers. The donation to God is never considered as bribe. Indians think  when God is accepting our offerings to fulfil our wishes, then why taking bribe for doing somebody’s work will be considered as unethical. This may have been an excuse route for the corrupts but when they see many examples before them, they don’t consider it a sin. In the year 2009, a minister of Karnatak offered gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs45 crores in Tirupati temple. The donation was as a gratitude for fulfilment of his wishes. Though it had raised the eyebrows of many but accepted as it was given to a temple.

Many politicians have been sent to jail for corruption. But from jail or coming out on bail, they are contesting and winning elections. This shows people have hardly any disgust towards corrupt politicians. This shows corruptions do not any bearing in the mind of the people. On the contrary the politicians say when they are purchasing votes, unless they grab money in unethical way, how can they fight elections.

There are traces and examples of corruptions in our history also.  Many cities and forts were conquered by bribing its guards and soldiers. Even the Generals of the army were surrendering without fight after taking bribes from the opponents. Nadir Saha fought a fierce battle to conquer a small country like Turkey because the soldiers of Turkey were honest and committed towards the protection of their motherland. The same Nadir Saha when came to India, had to hardly fight any battles to conquer any kingdom. Only bribing the Generals and soldiers he could achieve his objectives without any bloodshed.

From mythology to history and from history to present day, corruptions have its presence in our society. The difference between then and now is the difference between washing the feet and taking a full bath. Very miniscule few were involved in corrupt practices in the past where as we can see a very miniscule few not involved in corruption in the present day society. The magnitude of corruption is so gigantic that it is beyond the comprehension of the common man now.

The ED, CBI and Vigilance which are there to curb corruptions were unheard of before few years but now these agencies have become a familiar name to every Indians. Earlier corruption was limited to politicians and government officials. Now a new addition has been made to it in the name of NGO. The politicians are doing corruption by the help of the government officials and NGOs.  Way back in the year 1985 the then Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi admitted in a public meeting that in every one rupee meant for the public reduced to fifteen paise while reaching to the beneficiaries.

When any politician is being trapped by ED or CBI, he is taking the plea of political vendetta but silent about the astronomical cash and jewels seized from him. Because of their power, position and money the corrupts are getting out scot free and again remaining active in their public life. As the mass memory is short, they are en-cashing the situation. The corruption is so deep rooted in our system, it is hardly possible to uproot it overnight. So it is the need of the hour to ostracised the corrupts from public and social life and debarred them from holding any office of public interest. The election process which is encouraging corruption should be state owned and the propagation should only be allowed in TV barring them for any public rally or person to person campaigning. If this can be made possible, good and honest people can come to politics which in turn will be able to cleanse the corruption from our society.