Ayurveda and Organic Food


 The science of Ayurveda   has always emphasized     on what we eat to keep our health intact. This simple statement as to what we eat is the most important understanding for any person who desires to live a disease free life. But, now I am scared to eat everyday, when I understand the effect of Green Revolution Agricultural development in the 1950’s and Genetically modified engineering in the 1990’s on the food that we eat and the impact it has on our health. I am envious of the knowledge of what my grandparents were eating and panic at the thought of what we are feeding our children. Ayurveda puts strong premium on four aspects of food viz. 1. quantity 2. quality 3. seasonality and  4. method of preparation which is essential to maintain a good health. With a good knowledge in Ayurveda, I can control 3 out of the 4 recommendation i.e, quantity, seasonality and method of preparation of food. But, how can I take control of the QUALITY of food?

How do I achieve a good health even if I follow the rules from the Ayurveda, if the food that includes the fresh green seasonal vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, cereals and pulses which are healthy are being poisoned with harmful chemical pesticides, fertilizers during the time of farming that gots actually been absorbed by the plant and the residue gets accumulated in these healthy vegetables and fruits, which I and my family are eating everyday. These  accumulated poison is not removed through washing or destroyed with cooking. It actually remains in the food items and in turn consumed by us. This results in over-loading our Liver and other excretory system with free radicals, leading to unhealthy symptoms and diseases.

How do I know that the fresh vegetables and fruits which i presume are healthy are NOT Genetically modified crops? As a healthy conscious Ayurvedic physician, how do I protect myself from consuming something like GM crop which my moral and ethical sense does not permit?

Now, what alternative knowledge I should have to protect myself and my family from these 2 health threatening practical issues of today’s modern misgivings.

After a long research and study, I was happy to note the following which I am elaborating here under.

I understand that anything which is not natural and has been modified by Human is unhealthy. Hence, my quest to find naturally grown, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and use of only indigenous variety of seeds for sowing crops, is finally over with the new concept called ORGANIC FOOD.

Infact, this concept of Organic Food produced from Organic Certified Farming land is nothing new in its conception. It is only a newly formed TERM to an age old farming practice which is still continuing in small pockets by tribal farmers in India and other under developed countries. These farmers use only natural composts made from jungle waste, kitchen waste, animal waste and vermicompost.

This made me realize that I am not the only one thinking radically about “what we eat” should be produced by methods which are both environmentally safe and healthy. Most of the European countries have banned GM Crop farming in their countries. Every year there is a 30 % increase in the consumers demand for organically produced crops, fruits and vegetables all over the world.


  1. Farm land is not depleted of its natural nutrients with constant use of chemicals, hence, the produce from these farm lands are filled with the natural taste and smell.
  2. Organic food product are more rich in vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.
  3. Organic method of farming is environmentally friendly.
  4. Organic methods of farming don’t pollute the underground water and other water resources which is so vital for life.
  5. With eating organic farm produce we are helping a community who is protecting our lives and the nature from being destroyed.

How is this organic business being monitored? I found that since a small group of dedicated health conscious people are involved over a century that have been against the industrialization of agriculture and its development technologies; have developed a string Regulations for claiming Organic Food. There are only few International Certification  Organization who are monitoring this Organic food business.

What does this Certification mean to us? These certifying agencies follow the monitoring standards developed by IFOAM (International federation on organic agriculture movement, German) for farmer groups who are cultivating organically. These farmers are trained and their age-old knowledge are re-enforced by technical knowledge by Agricultural officers appointed by these agencies. Their land and farm products are tested for any chemical fertilizer and pesticide residue. Once the testing for chemical residue is NEGATIVE, the Farm Land and the Farm Products are both certified Organic. This monitoring and testing is done every year to assure the customers that “what they eat” is really healthy and nutritious food.

In Odisha, I find the awareness of Organic Food is poor, but, fortunately, we have a large Tribal group in interior parts of Odisha who are producing many crops through the traditionally organic method. Hence, through article, I would like the readers to not only be aware of this concept , but come one step forward by creating a demand for Organic Food Products which can be easily sourced from the Tribals and you in return be assured to eat Organic Healthy food. For more information please feel free to contact.

[PRATISRUTI PLUS/August 1-15(2017) ]